FIRST EDITION/MT. Whitaker March 17 - April 16 2019

FIRST EDITION/MT. Whitaker March 17 - April 16 2019

MT. Whitaker


March 2019

For the release of the First Edition I wanted to focus on “movement” which is not necessarily different than but for sure bigger (figuratively speaking) than a traditional travel collection. MT. Whitaker is an intentionally small edition, highlighting travel as an idea, for we are constantly in a state of movement. As we migrate from Point A to Point B we question our aesthetic as well as our desire for comfort and at times one of the two suffer for the greater good.

The origin story for MT. Whitaker is a simple one. Late last year as I was preparing to visit friends in Pigalle there was a desire/need to build fully functional transition pieces that could take me from Fondation LV in the morning to evening drinks in the basement at Pink Mamma, yet remain truly LA…remain McMarden!

Enjoy our Flight Suit while in movement, for it is not meant to be a static piece. Obviously, it pairs very well with our Carrier Jacket but is also a triumph as a standalone or layer it with that special something already in your closet rotation.

Happy Travels,

John McDavid Lehman/McMarden